The Process

Working with KSD is an intensive, collaborative process to peel back the layers of your business, focus on where you have been and where you are going and craft a crystal clear visual identity that attracts your ideal customer. As a result, you will be left with a brand and assets that are personal, powerful and highly effective.

Customers buy with their hearts rather than their heads. My job is to create designs that communicate the essence of your business to create an emotional connection between you and potential customers.

1 - Homework Time

You will start by completing a comprehensive branding worksheet. Don’t worry, it’s not soul-sucking or exhausting work. Most clients actually think it’s a refreshing exercise that gets them excited to move forward.

Once that is complete, we will have a 1.5 hour virtual coffee date via Uberconference where we will dissect your worksheet, do a few more fun exercises to really explore the heart of your business and do some brainstorming.

2 - Foundation Building

Next, I will jump into the driver’s seat to write your brand positioning statement, the infrastructure of your intentional brand personality. The visual direction to complement this positioning will become clear in the carefully-crafted mood board. Next up is a tagline to present to the world that clearly expresses your businesses position in it’s own unique personality.

3 - Work My Magic

Once the foundation is solid, your brand is ready to be dressed up. This stage involves designing your logo and other brand assets, keeping your discovery session findings in mind for a powerful visual identity that draws in only your most ideal customers.

4 - Put A Bow On It

Once all of the final flourishes are complete, I will provide all of the necessary files to share your shiny, new brand with the world.

Cue the virtual happy dance.